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Brand New!

debut Crandall Creek Single!

In anticipation of their album release, "Headed South," West Virginia's Crandall Creek Band offers up the single," Drivin' Me Insane."The vocal single by newcomers Lilli, Heather, and Kathy offer up dynamic harmonies and soulful vocal performances that are unique to their sound.  AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD- MARCH 27, 2020

Crandall Creek Debut, "Drivin' me insane"

Drivin' Me Insane (Crandall Creek)

Video Produced and Filmed by Valerie Smith

Location:  Historic Strand Theater

Valerie Smith/Bel Buckle Records & Midnite Mountain Records

From a Distance

Valerie Smith will be releasing a classic single "From a Distance" celebrating Earth Day! She recorded the song with Claire Lynch and Irene Kelly. It was produced  by Mike Pokalsky and engineered at Tree Studios with Tim Carter. 


From a Distance/Valerie Smith (Claire Lynch & Irene Kelly)

From a Distance (With Claire Lynch and Irene Kelly)

Filmed in Historic Bell Buckle, TN

Stock Footage Video Included

Edited by Valerie Smith

Camera Work:  Josie Smith

Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, "The Straggle is Live" Album

Jakobs Ferry Stragglers
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland,

Coming this March 13, 2020

Jakobs Ferry Stragglers is excited to bring you the single, "Poison River"  from "The Straggle is Real" Live Album on March 13, 2020.   The album  was recorded in October during a special show at The Church Recording Studio in Pittsburg, PA.  The project captures the energy of JFS stage presence and showcases their greatest hits from all of their studio releases as well as a few new new songs! Stay tuned for an April 2020 full album release.

Crandall Creek Band
They are from WV perform throughout the United States

Headed South

4 Song, debut album to be released this April 2020

Circa Blue
Bluegrass CD featuring original and classic songs.
The band is from West Virginia

Circa Blue

Featured release, "Footprints in a Song" and "Mississippi Queen"

jakobs ferry stragglers "the straggle is real" Live

Featured Single, "Poison River"


Available for Download on March 28, 2020

Written by Steve, with the assistance of multi award-winning songwriting duo Dawn Kenney and David Morris, the song is a personal depiction of the struggle and reality gone through with terminal illness. “I watched a loved one deteriorating before my eyes, and it affected me deeply. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, however in this cruel irony it was simply completing the circle and hastening the end. ~Steve Harris 

First released on Circa Blue's 2016 multi-charting album “Once Upon a Time”, the song resurfaced during collaboration with Valerie Smith. “I heard the lyrics to this song, and it touched on some personal experiences of mine. I’ve had friends who have lost themselves to depression, dementia, and other illnesses. It’s heartbreaking, and all you can do is have empathy.” ~Valerie Smith (Grammy-nominated and IBMA Nominated Artist) 

Steve Harris, guitarist, and vocalist from the band Circa Blue, has overseen the evolution of the group for the last ten years. During that time, he has produced five projects which have experienced both radio and award winning success. 

Dewey and Leslie Brown

Upcoming Single


Upcoming Video Release

Coming soon in Summer of 2020!

Featured Single, "No Mountain Girl" from album release "Under the Mountain"

Dewey and Leslie Brown


Partners with bell buckle records

Chad Darou, "Raising the Bar"/Midnite Mountain Music

Daniel Crabtree, "The Storyteller in Me"/Codel Records

Daniel Crabtree, "The Storyteller in Me"/Codel Records

Chad Darou, Raising the Bar
Bluegrass music featuring dobro and several acoustic, Americana artists.

Featured song, "Heaven" with Cia Cherryholmes and "Just a Few Old Memories" with Dave Adkins (Produced by Chad Darou/ Executive Producer and co-producer, Mike Pokalsky)

Daniel Crabtree, "The Storyteller in Me"/Codel Records

Daniel Crabtree, "The Storyteller in Me"/Codel Records

Daniel Crabtree, "The Storyteller in Me"/Codel Records

The Storyteller in Me, Daniel Crabtree
Bluegrass, Country CD

Featured song, "Piedmont Train" and "Don't Trust a Man Who Always Smiles"/Produced by Donna Ulisse and Engineered by Scott Vestal

Welcome Mike Owens to Bell buckle Records

Country and Bluegrass Artist

He will be recording this Spring of 2020

Mike Owens’ sound can be described as classic country mixing with a flare of bluegrass music. His trio can play a variety of genres (Country, Rock ’n Roll and Bluegrass). He has been performing at dance clubs, community and fraternal organizations, VFWs, yacht clubs, casinos, private parties, and much more throughout Maryland.