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Jakobs Ferry Stragglers

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Jakobs Ferry Stragglers
Bluegrass, Acoustic, Country, Americana Music

Hailing from the mountain towns of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers draw freely from Old-Time, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and Swing music to create their own brand of high energy, Appalachian Bluegrass. Gary Antol (guitar/vocals) and Libby Eddy (fiddle/vocals) founded the band in 2014 with a very simple goal: write good songs, honor the music, and take it to the road.  Their music, described as heavy and traditional with stirring harmonies, powerful instrumentation, and a progressive originality, has been experienced on festival stages including Delfest, Grey Fox, Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival, Darrington Bluegrass Festival, and others across the country.  JFS was honored to be an Official Showcase Artist at IBMA Bluegrass Ramble 2018.

 In 2015, the band released their debut album, 

The Lane Change, a collection of both original and traditional songs focusing on journeys through personal relationships as well as life in the coal mining towns of central Appalachia. The album was well received by fans and critics alike. “Mannington #9,” a searing tale of lives lost in a 1968 mining disaster in Mannington, WV, was featured in the Relix Magazine 2015 Summer CD Sampler. Written by West Virginia storyteller and old time musician, Keith McManus, the song’s driving rhythm and haunting melody capture the loss suffered by 78 families in this tragic accident. 

The Lane Change also featured the powerhouse harmonies of Antol and Eddy on titles such as “No Ash Will Burn” and “Blue Diamond Mines.” Summer of 2016 saw two major highlights for the band. In addition to playing The Emerging Artist Showcase at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, the band released its sophomore effort, White Lightning Road. The title track, written by Fort Wayne, IN songwriter, Darren Hunt, follows the path of a moonshiner trying to survive in a dying coal town. The song’s soaring vocals showcase Libby Eddy’s uniquely Appalachian voice, steeped in the cultural traditions of her rural West Virginia upbringing, with the strength of a people ready to fight for survival. Hunt also contributed to Ray Steven’s inspired and instantly familiar, “Get Along Gone.” WYEP FM Pittsburgh listed White Lightning Road as one of the top ten bluegrass albums of 2016. WYEP has also featured two of Antol’s compositions on their “Local 913” program: “The Legend of Gandy Grey” (The Lane Change) and “Smokestacks” (White Lightning Road).

In 2018, the band released their third studio effort, Poison River, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Shenk at National Media Services in Front Royal, VA. Poison River features original music written by Antol, Eddy, and mandolinist, Ray Bruckman. Along with the addition of Bruckman on mandolin, the album features Jody Mosser, lending his soulful dobro playing to the sound. Appalachian Jamwich’s review of the album called it “pure musical magic.” The album’s lead single “When the Redbud Blooms” received national airplay including a premier on Annette Grady’s The Bluegrass Jamboree.

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Valere Smith
Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike
Bluegrass, Acoustic, Country, Music, Musician, Band

Valerie Smith is an award-winning Grassicana artist whose style is a mixture of  bluegrass, country and Americana music. NPR radio host Dave Higgs, has noted, "She can be sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing and smoldering---sometimes during the span of just one song!" 

Valerie's show can be described as having non-stop energy and  passion with a tremendous love for her audience. The beat of the music inspires her to dance and move; Valerie has soul. 

She has recorded a number of projects, performed around the world and can be heard on several radio and television shows. Valerie is a music instructor and offers educational programs about songwriting, voice, bluegrass history and performance techniques. Please spend some time with her on this web page to get to know more about Valerie Smith's music.

Liberty Pike is Valerie's touring band. They are seasoned, talented musicians and have recorded several music projects of their own. The band offers an educational program and also enjoys reaching out to the fans. Members of Liberty Pike include Wally Hughes, Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Joe Zauner and Tom Gray. This line-up of "Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike"  have been going strong for 6 years. They have also developed a fan base and following within the bluegrass and Americana community. Each member is an active part of organizations, jamming and playing music  professionally on a regular basis.

She is a recording artist that writes songs, produces, and is also the owner of Bell Buckle Records, Buckle Down Productions and Bell Buckle Radio for 18 years. She is an active member of the CMA , Grammy and IBMA organizations.

Valerie is currently in production on a major folk opera that she is writing called, "Maggie Brooks, The Box Car Journal", a single with Claire Lynch and Irene Kelley, "From a Distance" (The Single Factory),a 2019 Fall release, and her next CD will be produced by Missy Raines, "Dance with Me", released by Bell Buckle Records in the winter of 2020.

Bell Buckle Records Collaborations

Daniel Crabtree

Mike Pokalsky of Midnite Mountain Music

Mike Pokalsky of Midnite Mountain Music

Daniel Crabtree
Musician, songwriter, singer, recording artists

A co-release with Codel Records, we still like to call Daniel Crabtree our own!

Daniel Crabtree is an emerging bluegrass gospel singer and songwriter. His love of music was sparked at a young age when he first picked up his father's guitar. Since then he has kept his passion for music alive through his bluegrass gospel group, The Lights Chapel Boys. Songwriting came later in life, but when it did, it arrived in full force. Before he knew it, an entire self-written album had emerged, the culmination of which was The Gospel Road. Follow-up projects include a second gospel record, In the Shadow of His Wings, and a secular bluegrass album titled The Storyteller in Me. Daniel's music is available now on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and on

IBMA Male Vocalist and Hall of Fame member Larry Sparks  has recently recorded a song written by Daniel Crabtree, "Take Me Back to West Virginia".  Daniel is now in the studio recording his next CD release with award-winning songwriter, producer and recording artist, Donna Ulisse.

"I think you will enjoy this cd by Daniel Crabtree. His delivery of the true to life songs he has written here will speak to all". - LARRY SPARKS, IBMA MALE VOCALIST, IBMA HALL OF FAME

Mike Pokalsky of Midnite Mountain Music

Mike Pokalsky of Midnite Mountain Music

Mike Pokalsky of Midnite Mountain Music

Mike Pokalsky
Midnite Mountain Music
Record Label
Branding CompanyI

Mike Pokalsky collaborated with music industry veteran, Valerie Smith from Bell Buckle Records with the Chad Darou release, "Raising the Bar" and she continues to be a part of the marketing team. Midnite Mountain Music provides many services for artists. We finance the production of projects, can provide for both In-house and remote recording  with engineering, mixing, mastering,  and manufacturing of CD's done in-house.  We also  offer  strong  promotion, publicity, radio, and media  coordination. Arrangements can be different with each artist, but either way, we at Midnight Mountain Music give our very best and more.

Also, welcome our newest member, "Midnite" a Siberian Husky 1 year old puppy to the team. She is the brains of the entire operation! Midnite Mountain Music has enjoyed much success over the past year and will continue to  do so for many years. It’s our firm belief that if you provide the  artists the foundation and support to do what they love, amazing things  can happen.

Radio broadcasters have grown to love us because they know what we send them will  be great. 

The company  has a strong commitment to quality.  We strive for seasoned, outstanding artists, clever songwriting, thoughtful production, efficient recording,  organized promotion, and valuable relationships that add up to quality results.

Bell Buckle Artists

Circa Blue

Crandall Creek

Crandall Creek

Circa Blue
Acoustic Music, Country Music
West Virginia Band

From the rich musical culture of Martinsburg, West Virginia, Bell Buckle Recording artists, Circa Blue is a dynamic chart-topping bluegrass band that is no stranger to the stages of festivals and auditoriums throughout the United States.

Their music includes original tunes written by and arranged by Steve Harris, but also includes a list of award winning songwriters that flow with rich lyrics and tuneful melodies. Furthermore, Circa Blue makes every song fit like a familiar old shoe in the studio by performing each tune effortlessly, adding rich instrumental riffs and smooth vocal harmonies.

Their audiences love them and the band continues to hold a strong following of fans. Circa Blue is known  for their creative-dynamic arrangements, clean instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies, they perform a mix of original and cover material that bridges the musical boundaries.

5 critically acclaimed albums to their credit, charting all with the exception of their first self-titled debut.

“A Darker Blue” -#38 out of the top 100 albums for 2016~Roots Music Charts. It was on the worldwide radio charts for 11 months straight with multiple songs AND album charting.

“Once Upon a Time” (Orange Blossom Record Label) - The title cut “Once Upon a Time”, written by Steve Harris, charted multiple times on Bluegrass Today Radio Charts as high as #11.

“Bells of Home” (NMS )- In 2016 we were chosen as the National Artist to record National Media Services annual Christmas album. For ten years running, they chose a national artist to record a Christmas CD, and released it each year at IBMA.

The title cut “Bells of Home” charted multiple years as high as #8 on Bluegrass Today Radio Charts, and won “The Presidents Award” from Strictly Country Magazine.

The instrumental, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” charted in the top 20.

“Footprints in a Song” (Bell Buckle Record Label)- Current release (2019) and has charted multiple times, and is receiving substantial airplay.

Steve Harris released a solo Gospel Album in 2015, “Sundown” that continues to receive radio airplay.

Crandall Creek

Crandall Creek

Crandall Creek


(Lilli Gadd-Lead Vocals, Bass / Kathy Wigman Lesnock-Harmony Vocals / Jerry Andrews-Harmony Vocals, Guitar / Dustin Terpenning-Mandolin / Heather Wharton-Fiddle

he Crandall Creek Band's dynamic fusion of folk, bluegrass, and gospel music is not the only thing that plays a factor in their sound, but it's  the harmonies and original songs that sets them apart. 

Appalachian love, coal mining, to heartfelt spiritual original songs can be caught at every Crandall Creek show. 

Their vocals are unique, amazing and so authentic that only a group that creates music by writing, traveling and performing consistently together can create 

a sound like them!

Although they are not family, they sound  and perform music like family. 

Crandall Creek's Bluegrass music is as true as the hills of West Virginia. It doesn't get better than that!

Crandall Creek’s sound is soulful, pure and true, as one would expect coming from the Blueridge mountains. The band’s s Goin’ Down Home features original traditional bluegrass songs that was recorded in West Virginia. They are currently in the studio recording for a debut release in 2020 for their first radio, iTunes, Spotify and Digital distribution.

Spreading the love of music with the spirit of fun with their audience is an honor.  Educating people about bluegrass, folk and acoustic music what they know best. 

Dewey and Leslie Brown

Bell Buckle Records Welcomes dewey and Leslie brown

Meet the Powerful Duo!

Before becoming a duo with wife Leslie, Dewey Brown spent more than a decade playing fiddle with bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley and made a number of high-profile appearances, including The Late Show With David Letterman, Carnegie Hall, and a performance for Queen Elizabeth.

His dynamic pairing with his equally talented singer-songwriter wife (vocals, bass) has amassed a following among bluegrass traditionalists and Americana fans alike. Their latest release with their band, the Carolina Gentlemen, Under the Mountain, earned them the Traditional American Bluegrass CD of the Year award from the Rural Roots Music Commission. We welcome them to Bell Buckle Records team!

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Bell Buckle Records Presents Mike Owens

Mike Owens

We are currently awaiting new music from Country/Bluegrass artist, Mike Owens. He is in the process of building his brand, sound and touring schedule. Please stay in touch as his career grows and Bell Buckle Records launches a 4-song EP showcasing his music.

 Mike Owens’ sound can be described as classic country mixing with a flare of bluegrass music. His trio can play a variety of genres (Country, Rock ’n Roll and Bluegrass). He has been performing at dance clubs, community and fraternal organizations, VFWs, yacht clubs, casinos, private parties, and much more throughout Maryland.

Audiences have been attending Mike's music concerts because his band can play anything and everything, yet still he has his own sound. His sound is true to Maryland's musical style - classic country meets folk and bluegrass music.


Mike Owens
Acoustic Musician, Maryland, Bluegrass, Country Music

Mike Owens